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This version of TrueNorth contains the most popular spatial file formats, sharing functionality, offline and online map layer types and transfer to and from a GPS device. Recreational users subscribe at $145 which gets you TrueNorth and the first year of support, including access to the support forums, email support and all product updates. Ongoing subscriptions will automatically renew at $44 annually.


The professional version of TrueNorth includes support for advanced spatial file formats such as ESRI MapFile and KML, specialized support, and includes licenses for two seats; perfect for a professional with a mobile device and a workstation. Subscription is $400 which includes the product, one year of updates, access to the support forum and priority email support. The subscription renews automatically at $120


TrueNorth Enterprise

$1,700.00Add to cart

The enterprise edition of TrueNorth exists for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and for anyone who requires custom development to integrate TrueNorth into their existing workflows. A TrueNorth subscription at this level includes developer-level support and access to the programming and scripting APIs, and includes premium email and phone support. Development time is charged in addition at a negotiable rate. Subscription costs $1000 and automatically renews annually at $300

Charitable and Educational Pricing

Organizations with charitable status in Canada and the United States are eligible for special pricing and volume discounts on TrueNorth Geospatial.
We also offer educational and volume licensing discounts. Click here for more information on this program.