Version 2.15.0919.0D Released

TrueNorth Version 2.15.0919.0D has been released.

There are a huge number of changes in this release, we made improvements, fixed bugs, and added new features – most of which are available in the standard edition

  • New poster print feature
  • Improved handling on tablet PCs
  • Improved printing controls
  • Improved export of GeoPDF and GeoTIFF
  • Added system for plugins to be installed and updated separately from the main software updates
  • Added annotations layer with distance and bearing measurement, area measurement, and call-out map annotations
  • Added GPS tracking layer to track the positions from an attached COM port or Bluetooth GPS
  • Added local raster tile plugin that can take a large raster (GeoPDF, GeoTIFF or other) and create tile server tiles on the local hard drive.
  • Enhancements to rendering
  • Added map overview, and map magnification windows
  • Improvements to map and layer size issues.
  • Added map auto save
  • Improvements to creating layer templates and map templates
  • Added compass rose and improved scale bar
  • consolidated and made GUI elements more consistent
  • Added Bluetooth sharing (professional edition)


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