Version 2.15.0514.0D Released

TrueNorth versionĀ 2.15.0514.0D has beenĀ released. People with current installs can auto update. This build fixes the following issues:

  • edited the descriptions of the OpenMapSurfer layers file
  • fixed a bug with an outdated version of the UTM layer in the installed configuration
  • fixed a bug where the raster layer would crash if added using the “advanced” layer add dialog (reported via web site)
  • fixed a bug where a license key labelled “demo” would cause the OptionsForm to crash when loading
  • fixed a bug where the wrong sunrise and sunset times were displayed when the PositionDataControl
  • fixed a bug where the PositionDataControl would not show the position format in the combo box when loaded
  • fixed a bug where the Options Form would crash on exit if the plugins tab was not loaded
  • fixed a bug where the elevation was not being displayed for the installed and professional versions
  • fixed issues with editing property tags in the feature editor
  • added a property tag insertion widget in the feature details editor
  • changed menu size for feature edit
  • other minor tweaks and improvements

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