TrueNorth 2.15.1112.0D Released.

TrueNorth Version 2.15.1112.0D has been released.

This release contains a lot of performance and bug fixes including several very important ones reported by Canadian Map Makers which involved pixel level errors in the GeoPDF and Tile rendering both on screen and in print. Thanks Steve!

The list of issues addressed includes

  • Fixed inaccurate tile rendering on screen and print
  • Improvements to Raster layers (GeoPDF and GeoTIFF) including
    • Fixed inaccurate printing
    • Improved sharpness and resolution of printed Raster maps
    • Improved memory use and performance of by downgrading rendering quality while dragging or zooming.
  • TrueNorth Optimized build – should see an increase in memory usage and performance across the board
  • Improved print preview control with tablet-ready buttons
  • Improved area and resolution selection when exporting raster maps as images
  • Added support for Garmin Custom Maps – see blog post for more details
  • Improved the size of targets when using Coordinate Entry and Projection forms
  • Fixed crash when you cancel the loading of a map from a template
  • Added camera capture plugin and geocoding of images using Exif library
  • Fixed bug where polygon labels would render in the wrong screen space
  • Fixed position of polygon labels with centroid algorithm
  • Began adding support for Garmin GPS units in Mass Storage mode
  • Fixes to Raster to Tiles plug-in
  • Added central LocationManager to handle positions from multiple external and internal sources
  • GPS Tracking layer overhaul

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