Borealis 1.15.1112D Released

Borealis 1.15.1112D has been released in conjunction with TrueNorth 2.15.1112.

The two products share the same code base and when we do a major update to TrueNorth we usually release Borealis in lock step as all of the bug fixes and improvements apply to both products.

The list of issues addressed includes:

  • All of the issues in TrueNorth 2.15.1112
  • User interface enhancements
  • Bug fixes in plugin loading
  • Addition of prototype Camera capture plug-in
    Uses the tablet camera(s) to capture a geocoded image and add it as a feature to the map.
  • Addition of “auto on” GPS detection and tracking
  • Addition of “zoom to current location” for devices that have a location sensor enabled.

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