Tracking Control

TrueNorth Meridian tracks the position of devices of various sorts, we refer to them as “Units”

A Unit can be a radio, a smart phone, a satellite emergency notification device, or any sort of location-enabled device that can report its position.

The Meridian Tracking control displays the units being tracked and details about each unit.

The Meridian Tracking control (blank)

The information being tracked for each unit includes (left to right)

  • The position source (icon, hover for name in tool tip)
  •  The quality of the GPS Fix (icon, hover for value)
      • No Data available (unit not reporting)
      • GPS Fix Obtained (no data on the quality)
      • Unusable accuracy (greater than ±500m)
      • Low Accuracy (greater than ±100m, less than ±500m)
      • Medium Accuracy (greater than ±12m, less than ±100m)
      • High Accuracy (less than ±12m)
      • No GPS Fix (unit reporting, no GPS data)
  • Control the visibility of the unit on the map
    • Checking or unchecking the box controls the visibility of the unit on the map
  • Control the display of the unit’s history (track) on the map
    • Checking or unchecking the box controls the display of the history
  • The unit’s name
    • Double click to edit
  • When the unit’s information was last updated
  • When the unit was last updated
    • when the unit was last polled for data
    • for position sources that push data, the last time it reported
  • The location (geographic)
  • The Location (Universal Transverse Mercator)
  • The accuracy of the position
  • The unit status (reported by unit)
  • Most recent text message from the unit


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