Create Tracking Layer

TrueNorth Meridian functions as a layer in TrueNorth Geospatial, which means all of the instructions for how to add a layer and remove a layer work for this plug-in. Additionally, Tracking layers can be saved as layer templates, map files, or as map templates.
  1. Follow the instructions for Add Layer Advanced
  2. Double-click the “TrueNorth Meridian (Tracking)” plugin, or select it and hit “OK”
  3. The Meridian Tracking selection control will display
    • Select which tracking position source you wish to receive data from

      Tracking Plugin Position Source Select

  4. Double click on the positions source, or select one and hit OK
  5. You can add additional position sources later


The Tracking Layer will be added to the current map. The tracking control will display, and the tracking tab will be added to the ribbon.


  • There can only be one tracking layer loaded

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