BC Web Mercator ESRI

The BC Web Mercator is an ESRI ArcGIS Server published by the British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training using data from DataBC and other sources. The service is very high performing and seems to be based on the 1:20,000 TRIM data set.

Published by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training – DataBC Licensed under Access Only The Data and Resource link below provides web service application program interfaces (API) that return georeferenced map images and services per the Open Geospatial Consortium Web Mapping Service (WMS) Protocol based on a variety of geographic data sources. These services can be used in a variety of tools and applications. The BC Web Mercator Base Cache Web Map Service (WMS ) provides Base Cache information using Google Scale Levels and Web Mercator Projection EPSG:3857. https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/bc-web-mercator-base-cache Source of highways and roads outside of British Columbia: TomTom Source of airport boundaries and runways: TomTom Source of Building Footprints: © OpenStreetMap contributors

Click here to download BC Web Mercator.tltx

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