TrueNorth DEMO


$145.00 $0.00

This is a free 90 day time limited demo version of TrueNorth Standard Edition.

Mapping software for the backcountry adventurer; interfaces with modern GPS units, reads and writes common file formats, and consumes data from web map sources. Plan your trip with confidence, analyse your trip with style, using professional quality mapping tools.


TrueNorth Geospatial, DEMO version

The DEMO version of TrueNorth Geospatial is a time limited version identical to the Standard Edition.

This version of TrueNorth supports the most popular spatial file formats, sharing functionality, offline and online map layer types and transfer to and from GPS devices. It also comes with scale accurate map printing, something no recreational user can do without.

The DEMO version is yours for 90 days.

$145 gets you TrueNorth and one year of support and product updates, including access to the support forums, and email support. The support and updates can be renewed at $44 annually.

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