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    Ed Ehrler

    Link goes to screenshot of the Position Data window for somewhere around Sparwood. Something about the Sunrise, Sunset, and Noon times doesn’t really seem right…

    Also when the Position Data window is first opened it shows the Geographic coordinate in decimal degrees while the adjacent drop down list shows DMS. If I select another format in the drop-down then switch back to DMS it will display correctly.


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    Verified two issues
    1) the sunrise and sunset are clearly wrong, and they are still wrong if the times are converted to UTC, this is under investigatiopn

    2) Bug when displaying the position data where it does not follow the selected format when first opened.

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    1) Time calculations should be fixed and valid to within 5 minutes of actual. We will work on a more accurate algorithm.
    2) Position data format will follow the selected format when the form is opened.

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