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      Ed Ehrler

      I just installed TrueNorth on my Surface Pro 4 (OS is Windows 10 Pro) to see how well it works on a tablet. I downloaded and installed the latest version (2.15.1112) from the website and although the installation seemed to be successful I was not prompted for my license key. If I look in the “Key” tab in the configuration window, the key appears as 0000-0000-0000-0000-00000-00000 and the box next to it that should show the license type is blank.

      It also doesn’t show the usual base map layer or allow me to create one. I haven’t installed any of the base map packages, but I believe it should still show a shaded outline of the continents. I am able to add a web map layer and draw features.

      2.15.1112 seems to be working correctly on my desktop PC but that was an update, not a fresh install.

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      The issue with the software not prompting you for a key is a bug related to detecting the version of Windows – thanks for the report. We just found the bug and it will be fixed in the next release.

      The second issue, no maps showing, we will take as a feature request.
      Currently if no map data is installed then TrueNorth shows nothing because not even the continent outlines are installed by default. We will fix this in a future install, possibly defaulting to a basic online data source.

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