[Resolved] Error when adding Raster Layer


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    Ed Ehrler

    Encounter this error when attempting to add a Raster Layer under the “Advanced” layers list:

    Error adding layer

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at TrueNorth.Raster.RasterLayer.Initialize() in c:\Development\TrueNorth2\TrueNorth\Plugins\TrueNorth.Raster\RasterLayer.cs:line 71
    at TrueNorth.Core.LayerCollection.Insert(Int32 index, ILayer layer) in c:\Development\TrueNorth2\TrueNorth\Core\Layers\LayerCollection.cs:line 345
    at TrueNorth.Core.Map.Add(ILayer layer) in c:\Development\TrueNorth2\TrueNorth\Core\Maps\Map.cs:line 422
    at TrueNorth.Controller.DefaultController.AddLayer(IMap map) in c:\Development\TrueNorth2\TrueNorth\TrueNorth.Controller\DefaultController.cs:line 797

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    Fixed in the next build

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