What is a Plugin

A plugin in TrueNorth is a way to extend the functionality of the main application in some way. TrueNorth is designed in such a way as most of the functionality is contained within plugins.

Plugins come in a number of categories

  • Import plugins read in map data from files, databases or online sources
  • Export plugins write out map data to files, databases or online.
    • Image export allows you to save
  • Print plugins send map data to printers in different ways
  • Layer plugins present mapping data on a map layer
    • Feature layer draws features and annotations on a map
    • Tile layers uses online, offline, or cached map tiles to draw a map
    • Tracking layer uses position of remote devices to draw locations and statuses on a map.
    • GPS Tracking layer shows the current position from an attached, or on board GPS or location sensor.
  • User Interface plugins give the user some new function or interactive element on the screen
    • Current Position Plugin draws a large display showing the coordinates of the current cursor position in a window.
    • GPS control shows satellites and signal quality of an attached GPS device
  • Rendering plugins change the way objects are drawn on a layer

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