TrueNorth has Automatic Update functionality.

If you have a current license of TrueNorth it will periodically check for updates. Software updates allow us to fix bugs, improve stability and add features.

Here’s how update works.

Automatic Update

TrueNorth is configured to check for updates by default once a week in the background. This happens silently. The user will only be notified if an update is available.

The user can refuse to install an update. They will be prompted again at a later date.

Manual Update

You can check for update manually. On the tools tab select “Update” and the dialog box shows. If an update is found it will notify you with a prompt to install it.


TrueNorth Tools Tab


Checking for Update


No Update Available

Installing Update

If you choose to install an update, hit “OK” in the Update Available dialog. A progress dialog will open, showing the download progress. When the update has been downloaded, TrueNorth will terminate and the installer will launch to install the update. Once this completes, you’ll be prompted to re-launch TrueNorth.

Update Available


Downloading Update

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