Changing Update Channel

TrueNorth checks for updates regularly, and can download and install these regularly, but did you know there are different update “channels” that users can select? Each channel updates on a different cycle, and delivers updates of different levels of readiness. Users can decide to select a channel that updates more frequently to get access to new features and bug fixes on a faster cycle, but at the penalty of accepting software that might have a few bugs.


  • Release: The Release channel is for software that is relatively bug free. Features are well tested, documentation is good, and support for these releases is standard.
  • Beta: This channel is for software that is less well tested. It may have some bugs, but updates happen more frequently. If you have a bug you may be asked to switch to this channel so we can deliver an update to you.
  • Test: The test channel is for the bravest users who accept the fastest update cycle at the cost of more bugs and untested features.

Changing Channels

You change channels by using the “Configure a plugin” workflow to bring up the plugin’s configuration window. Choose the “Update” plugin and click the “Configure” button.

The channel is changed by selecting the channel name in the drop down list at the top of the form. The user can also change the update frequency from 0 to 30 days (0 means every time the program is launched), or set it to manual only.

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