Add WMS Layer

WMS stands for Web Map Service. It’s a very common standard way to make maps available online. TrueNorth can consume WMS data on a layer in a map as a Tiles layer.

To add a WMS Layer follow the directions to add a an advanced layer, and choose “WMS Tiles Layer”

The Web Map Service configuration dialog will open. Paste the “get configuration” into the text box labelled “WMS Server” and hit “Refresh”. The layers available on the WMS server will be displayed in the tree view below.

WMS Map Service Config

Browse the layers available in the treeview. Selecting a layer will display its description in the adjacent panel. Further information may be available on the publisher’s web site. Clicking the checkbox next to the layer selects it to be a part of the map.

When you click “OK” the WMS layer is added to the map.

Tiles will begin downloading from the server immediately. It can take some time to generate the tiles initially as they are each rendered on demand. TrueNorth caches the tiles so the system responds faster the more it is used. Tiles are available offline once generated. Pre-caching of tiles (batch generation) is also possible.

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