Editing the Base Map Layer

The Base Map Layer is a layer in TrueNorth that reads data from your hard drive. This is what makes TrueNorth work in offline mode.

The data is compiled from free data sources, often from the government.

Layers window

Users can edit this data using the following procedure

  1. Click on the Layers window
  2. If the layer properties window is not open
    1. Right Click on the Base Map layer
    2. Choose “Properties”
    3. The Layer Properties window will open. You can dock this window for future use.
  3. Click on the map window to select an item
    1. If your click selected more than one item you will see that in the “Selected Items” panel
    2. Select the item you wish to edit in this list
  4. You will see the item’s properties displayed in the properties window
  5. Edit the name of the object you clicked
    1. This is the “Text” field
  6. Right click on the area near “Selected Items”
  7. Choose “Save BaseMap Layer Changes”
  8. The layer will save to the dataset it was read from with the newly renamed feature.

Base Map Layer Properties

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