Import Base Map Configuration

TrueNorth stores the location where your base maps are stored in the main configuration file.

For various reasons, for instance an uninstall and reinstall of the software, or if you need to move the map files, TrueNorth may lose track of where these files are. This procedure “imports” the configuration for the base map.

The procedure involves activating a utility plug-in that ships with TrueNorth but is not active by default. You can deactivate the plug-in after this procedure.

Configuration window

Import a base map configuration

  1. Start TrueNorth
  2. Click the main menu, then choose Configuration
  3. Choose the Plugins tab
  4. Search for the Import Base Map Configuration plug-in
  5. Check “enabled”, close the dialog, then quit TrueNorth
  6. Restart TrueNorth, click the main menu, choose Import, and then Import Base Map Configuration
  7. Browse to the directory which is usually c\Users\User Name\My Documents\TrueNorth Maps\Base Maps
  8. Select the file that ends in MapSet.Xml

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