Import from Garmin GPS

GPS units record Tracks and Waypoints and you need to import those things into TrueNorth for display.

  1. On the main menu choose “Import => Garmin Import”
  2. The “Detect GPS” dialog will briefly show while TrueNorth attempts to detect a GPS attached to the system
  3. If a GPS is attached the “Import from GPS” dialog will show, allowing you to select a GPS to import from.

    Detected GPS

    1. Select a GPS and hit “OK”
    2. If a GPS is not detected, the “Import from GPS” dialog will show, but no GPS units will be shown in the drop-down box
      1. Hit the “Refresh” button to re-scan for GPS units
      2. If no GPS unit is detected, check that the GPS unit is connected, the proper drivers are installed and that the GPS unit is turned on.
  4. A dialog will display the data on the GPS that is available for import.

    Choose GPS Data

    1. select the items you wish to import.
    2. You can sort by name or date
  5. Hit “OK” and the data will import


There can be some issues connecting a Garmin GPS to you computer

  • Check that your USB cable works.
  • Check that you have the Garmin GPS drivers installed.
  • Check that your GPS unit is turned on.
  • If you see no data to import, use the GPS to verify there’s tracks and waypoints stored on the unit.


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