Export Map Image

TrueNorth can export an image of whatever map you currently have loaded. This is often easier than doing a screen shot.

  1. On the main menu choose “Export => Export Map Image”
  2. The “Select Map Area” dialog will open
    1. On this dialog you can adjust the scale and the area of the map you wish to export
    2. You can also select the resolution which will determine the size in pixels of the resulting image
  3. Click “Confirm” one you’ve decided on the map area and size to print
  4. The “File Save” dialog box will open.
    1. Choose a file name to export to.
    2. Here you can also change the image file format
  5. Click “OK” and the image will save

Select Map Area Dialog


If the image resolution is high, the image can be quite big. Also it can take some time to generate as TrueNorth will need to re-render any data. A progress bar will show for long operations.

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